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Weleda holistic facial treatment

Weleda recognises that we are all individual and when we are out of balance our skin expresses life's challenges and changes in various ways. It can become dry and lifeless; red and sensitive; spotty and over-active or even depleted and looking older than one's years.


Using Weleda's 100% natural and organic products together with mindful and rhythmical movements, the aim is to restore rhythm and vitality to your skin, while taking you into a quiet space of inner calm and deep relaxation.


During your facial journey, your Weleda Esthetician will also acknowledge your back and feet while you are warmly cocooned, comforted and soothed.


The Rhythmic Activation Massage is at the heart of the facial treatment.


Unique to Weleda's Signature Facial, this method helps activate your skin's processes and regenerative forces. It is these forces that when vital and flowing, help the skin restore its balance, strengthen and radiate health and beauty.

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This deeply cleansing holistic facial treatment not only gives you the space to let go; the warm compresses, internal skin cleansing support with the Rhythmic Activation Massage and the rebalancing Aknedoron preparations, helps the skin to let go of impurities and congestion, while also recognising that moisture is essential for a healthy skin barrier.


Both you and your skin, can begin to breathe again.

Purifying & Rebalancing

Firming &

When the natural ageing processes begin to take hold and cellular activity slows down, the skin can quickly lack vitality, elasticity and radiance.


The expertise of the Esthetician's specific activation techniques together with the potent antioxidant pomegranate and energising maca peptides in the firming range, provide the necessary cellular regenerating boost and energising impulse to the skin.

Nourishing & Rehydrating

The Skin Food Ultimate Facial has a particular focus on the Nourishing Cleansing Balm ritual.


You will also experience the quality of Weleda's life of touch with the unique Rhythmic Activation Massage bringing calm and rejuvenation to your inner world and your skin.

The facial includes nourishing oils and a recovery mask with the iconic Skin Food Original topped off with the active botanicals, olive leaf extract and sacha inchi oil, found in the Skin Food Face Care range.

Contouring & Nourishing

A deeply rejuvenating facial using Weleda's Contouring Facial Care range, containing Collagen+ Active Complex.


Under the expert guidance and hands of the Esthetician, this facial offers an holistic approach to those wanting to provide a natural and clinically proven solution to ageing skin.


This facial is also highly recommended to support skin during menopause.

Sometimes environmental stressors and lifestyle demands can take its toll on your skin.


The skin may appear dull, lifeless and may even begin to show early signs of ageing.


Immersing the skin in Weleda's wild rose facial collection, together with the life of touch and additional boost of the wild rose ampoule, improves skin elasticity, brings strength, and promotes radiance.

Skin resilience & signs of ageing

Soothing & Strenghtening

Our skin is naturally sensitive, adapting and adjusting throughout the day in order to protect us from external influences. Sometimes, however the skin's barrier is not as strong and self-regulating as it needs to be, the result can lead to over-reactive, sensitive skin.


The Esthetician's skilled rhythmical quality of touch together with the soothing quality of the sensitive facial range, calms redness, evens the skin's complexion and helps restore the skin's own natural barrier function.

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