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Reflexology Therapy





There are points on the feet that are connected to the organs within the body, this system can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

The points on the feet are massaged in a very particular way, using thumb walking, this will then alert the practitioner to imbalances within that area, the thumb walking will break down the imbalances and help to bring homeostasis to the body.


The treatment is very relaxing and various items can be used to assist the treatment, such as the original medium of talc, I personally use a specific wax containing essential oils, balms or oils can all be used effectively.

A full consultation is taken prior to your treatment and the necessary amendments made to make the treatment very personal and to meet your individual needs. Ares of imbalance can be identified and passed on to the client, but we are not qualified to diagnose.

Reflexology feet.jpeg

"Reflexology is learning to interface with your entire body through the reflexes in the feet and hands"

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